Travel Jane evaluation for Runners

travel Jane portable Urinal – evaluation for Runners. I tried the travel Jane – a portable personal urinal for women as well as have a review, suggestions on exactly how to utilize it as well as where to get it.

I’m training for a marathon as well as with the recent closure of public restrooms, restaurants, stores as well as a lot more – there was no where to go pee while out on a run. So I chose to BYOPB (bring your own pee bag) as well as try this disposable urinal bag.

Travel Jane portable Urinal evaluation with Run eat Repeat

Travel Jane portable urinal review.

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Travel Jane portable Urinal evaluation as well as Tips

Did it work? 

I utilized the travel Jane in the backseat of my car. I have a little vehicle as well as it was simple to utilize seated like that. I believe I may be even simpler to utilize standing or squatting, however I haven’t tried it like that yet.

It was simple to use. There wasn’t any type of spilling circumstance thanks to the sand-like compound inside that turns liquid into a gel.

Who can utilize the travel Jane? 

The travel Jane is made by travel John. It’s pink as well as the name ‘Jane’ suggests it’s for women. however the box states unisex. So I believe the travel John may be precisely the exact same however a different color.

The color is bright pink so it’s not very discreet as well as one more color may be much better depending upon where you’re utilizing it.

Also, the color as well as advertising may indicate it’s a lot more costly since it’s being marketed to women. This may get a ‘pink tax’ just since it’s for women – so keep that in mind if you’re purchasing this or one more similar product.

Basically, it may be less expensive as well as a lot more discreet to get the travel John however I didn’t try that product so I can’t tell you for sure it’s precisely the same.

Tip: If you utilize it in a vehicle or somewhere that you don’t have privacy you may want a towel or something to cover yourself while utilizing it.

Where can you get a travel urinal?

You can get it on the internet on Amazon or lots of outside specialty stores.

Travel Jane disposable Urinal for Women

Travel John disposable Urinal  

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